To make a long story short

I currently work as a webdesigner at the Danish Web Agency Co3 where my main focus is on consumer conversion behavior and measurable webdesign.

I love working with great User Interface and designs, but more importantly is understanding the customer and their needs. I have great experience with cross-culture communication. Through Bestseller I had daily dialogue with Asian suppliers and at Co3 I work with Danish and other European customers.

I‘m responsible for my own projects which has given me experience within everything from project management to design and communication with both large and small companies.

My previous job at
Outfitters Nation & ADPT.

At Bestseller I worked as a Textile Print Designer for a youth clothing brand. I was responsible for researching and choosing trends and colours for six annual collections, including creating designs. I also took part of presenting the collection to the European sales representives.


"No one ever said you had to wait to make your mark on the world. No one ever said that adults are the only ones who can change the way people see the world. It's only those who are true to themselves, the ones who dare to be different, who shape the future."